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Choose your favorite world, customize your ride and go for High Scores in Endless Runner Mode, or Manage the Mayhem and Race to Victory in Royale Mode, the choice is yours!

The aim is to complete the challenges, earn stars and unlock new worlds and vehicles. Skillful use of power-ups will help you take down your opponents, all while racing over, under and around the ever changing scenery.

You'll never have the same run twice. Welcome to Wheely World!


  • 22 Vehicles to collect
  • 7 Worlds to unlock
  • Many power-ups to boost your performance
  • Daily Challenges
  • Paint your ride
  • Portrait or Landscape
  • Land, sea and air vehicles
  • Go for high scores in Runner Mode
  • Battle it out in Royale Mode
  • Procedural terrain making every run different


  • Steering
    • Touch or Mouse Drag left / right
    • A / D for keyboard
    • In air steering is dampened significantly.  If you want to jump sideways, try steering into your jump.
  • Flips
    • Touch or Mouse Drag up / down while in air
    • W / S for keyboard
  • Use Power Up
    • Fast Tap or Click
    • Space for keyboard
  • Nitro
    • Touch or Mouse Hold
    • Left Shift for keyboard
  • Start Run
    • Tap or Click where you want to spawn

This paid version of Wheely World has been re-balanced compared to the free to play versions on other stores and contains no ads or IAP

System Requirements
Due to our small team and working in our spare time we have limited resources to test different configurations so use this as a guide based on engine specs and our minimal testing hardware.

  • Android
    • Android 4.4
  • Desktop
    • Windows 7, macOS 10.12, Ubuntu 16.04
    • Intel HD 3000
    • 2GB Ram

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Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

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We have been really enjoying Itch as a platform and wanted to do something nice for the people who support it, so we're giving away 100 copies of Wheely World's full version!

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WheelyWorldLite.apk 63 MB
WheelyWorldLite_mac.zip 58 MB
WheelyWorldLite_linux.tar.gz 59 MB
WheelyWorldLite_win.zip 50 MB

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A jaunty, fun game on Ubuntu! It would be good if the cursor were locked to the game -- I keep dragging outside the window, which confuses it. The persistently chirpy music makes me smile.

That's a great point about the locking the cursor, I will try to find some time to add that in.

The music was composed for us by a couple of very talented guys named Jeremy Mayall and Chris Lam Sam, really happy with the result :)

Great game, played it on Linux and works well. I would love to see local multiplayer added and fullscreen support :)


It's exciting to hear people playing this on Linux, I'm a Linux guy myself.

Full screen should just work, I'll try to get an update out with a toggle.

Local multiplayer is something we've talked about for a long time, would be tonnes of fun.  Maybe if enough people ask we'll make it happen ;)

Thanks for the support!